#37 Lobster soup with saffron

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#33 Velouté avocado soup with shrimps and dill

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Detox! That’s the magic word these days after those looooong buffets and family gatherings with all the delicacies one can imagine in portions NOONE can imagine!! Therefore, I decided to share with you a recipe of a nutritious yet tasty dish. It’s also amazingly quick and easy! 🙂


2 ripe avocados

Vegetable stock

400ml of water

Juice out of ½ lemon

200ml of milk cream



100g medium-sized shrimps (without their shell)


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Boil the water together with the stock until they become as one. Take out the core of the avocados and mix it with the milk cream, the lemon juice and the vegetable stock in a blender. Add some salt and pepper.

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Serve with boiled shrimps and fresh dill on top of your soup. 😉

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Bon appetite!

Denise 🙂

#29 Gratinated creamy-cheesy penne with smoked salmon, apple and herbs

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#25 Breaded chicken fillets filled with smoked ham and grated cheese

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#20 Creamy chicken bits with roasted red pepper and basmati rice

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#2 Creamy chicken flavoured with nutmeg & served with bulgur

That’s a dish which is highly recommended to those who are now getting acquainted with the magical attributes of spices and the smooth oriental flavour of an extremely nourishing alternative to rice, that is to say bulgur.

Here is a pure improvisation which resulted to a delicious and pretty filling dish. It’s very quick and easy to cook!


For the chicken:

2 fillets of chicken breast (cut into smaller pieces)

Virgin olive oil

1/2 of a dry onion

100g creamy cheese

250ml of milk cream




For the bulgur:

1 tablespoonful of butter

250g of bulgur




Fry the chicken within some olive oil together with the onion until it becomes white. Add the cream cheese and make sure that it melts. Then add the cream and pour the nutmeg, salt and pepper. Stir it and let it boil slowly in medium temperature for 6-7 minutes. Use a different saucepan for the preparation of the bulgur. Melt the butter and pour the bulgur. Stir it for a while and pour water (pour a little more than the quantity required for the bulgur to get fully covered by the water). Let it boil slowly in medium temperature until the water is gone (ATTENTION: Keep an eye on it so that you avoid burning the bulgur!). Time for serving!

Enjoy! 🙂