#51 A home full of light

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Image credit: enmiespaciovital

After spending a warm and sunny summer travelling between Sweden and Greece here I am welcoming the rainy Swedish autumn and getting ready for a creative and exciting winter.  🙂 Needless to say how much I missed writing here…but…taking a break gives way to inspiration and inspiration is, in its turn, an essential ingredient of this blog!

That said I am more than happy to write my first post for this season and share with you a few tips on how you can bring more light into your lovely home.

Actually, there are two key ways to enhance natural light:

1)      By improving interior reflectivity and

2)      By reducing obstructions from furniture


As for reflectivity, it maximizes the amount of times that daylight bounces inside the room and that can easily be achieved by picking light colors with matte finishes on ceilings, walls and floors. On the other hand, reducing obstructions refers to orienting objects in the room to promote the flow of daylight. Therefore, things like bookshelves and partitions should be perpendicular to the window wall and Venetian blinds can be used in order to redirect sunlight to the ceiling while providing solar control.


Image credit: surreyblindsandshutters


Image credit: allblindservice

Try these tricks and enjoy the positive energy of a brighter home…Happy autumn! 😉


Denise 🙂

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