#50 Summer banana drink

Here I am… Sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Athens. It’s finally time for my summer (however relatively short) vacation and can’t wait to feel the sand on my toes… 🙂 During this week I have been trying to empty our fridge in order to avoid our fruits and vegetables going bad and meeting weird rotten creatures after coming back. 😛

I have to confess that this procedure has proved to be rather creative since I have come up with loads of ideas on new recipes (You lucky fellas! 😉 )! Here I show you an unbelievably easy and totally refreshing drink. It’s a 100% natural energy drink made out of just three ingredients! Enjoy! 🙂

WHAT YOU NEED (makes 2 glasses):

2 ripe bananas (it’s better if you put them in the fridge the day before)

1 1/2 glass of low-fat milk

1 tablespoon of honey (I used greek thyme honey of excellent quality)


Peel off the bananas and cut them in small pieces.


Put them in the blender, add the milk and, last but not least, the honey…

DSC01257 eezpix

Press the button and… voila!!! 🙂


TIP: A hint of cinnamon powder on the top is just perfect.




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