#48 My little treasure

For a couple of weeks or so I was having a used jar standing on my kitchen counter. Empty of its content (which was beetroot by the way – remind me to show you the recipe of an amazing salad sometime!) it was still standing there, rinsed but ugly with all those labels on it waiting for me to take it for a visit to the recycling station. However, that visit kept being postponed until… I decided to do something with it instead. A sort of upcycling let’s say… 🙂

 Inspired by my latest trip to Greece I went for creating a lovely jar, which would remind me of the sea and would keep all my summer findings safe. Small shells and starfishes from beautiful greek beaches are about to become the dwellers of this jar, who will give me hope during the long, cold Scandinavian winter and promise me a warm, sunny and carefree summer full of play and new discoveries…







???????????????????????????????Although I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with the jar’s cap… :p



Denise 🙂

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