#47 Creamy smoked salmon pasta with pesto


I have recently come back from a short trip to my beloved Greece and brought with me all the laziness of vacation… 😛 Therefore, I opted for a quick and easy (yet very tasty) dish, which brings together the most famous fish in Scandinavia and pure Mediterranean pasta. It’s a light summer dish and by no means complicated. Enjoy! 🙂


250g of pasta (I chose some delicious lasagna-like sort of biological pasta from Greece)

200g of smoked salmon

2 teaspoons of pesto

250ml of milk cream



Put the pesto into a small saucepan and add the salmon.

DSC01227 eezpix


Stir well in relatively high temperature and pour the milk cream. Lower the temperature to medium and add some pepper. Let boil for a couple of minutes and DONE! Serve with the salmon sauce on top of your pasta and enjoy your meal. 😉


TIP: Homemade pesto can be a good idea in order for you to add a personal touch to your dish. Since I haven’t tried any pesto recipes yet, I can’t refer you to one but… I promise to come back to you as soon as possible! 😉


Denise 🙂


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