#42 Back to the future

I’m back!!! Yes, it’s been 10 days since my last post BUT…it’s been 10 crazy days during which we packed all of our belongings and moved them to our new lovely apartment!! 🙂 We now have little in our fridge and all of my crafting supplies are packed and lie…somewhere! 😛

So I started seeking inspiration on small decorative details which can add to the special character of a home and stumbled upon these beautiful clocks with a retro feeling, which I especially love! Wanna take a look?


Image credit: buyretroclocks


Image credit: designmom


Image credit: retrotogo


Image credit: retrotogo


Image credit: procook


Image credit: rehabvintage


Image credit: buamai


Denise 🙂

2 thoughts on “#42 Back to the future

  1. Καλά, τα γατορολόγια τα σπάνε! Κ για τους ξένους φίλους μας… Good, the cat- clocks break it!!

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