#41 Asparagus soup


Looking for a quick and nutritious appetizer? If yes, go on reading this post and cooking a delicious asparagus soup. If no, you should unfortunately wait until I release my next post under the Food section. 😛


200g of asparagus

A vegetable stock

A half of dry onion

Virgin olive oil



200ml of milk cream

2 slices of smoked turkey


Sauté the onion in the oil for a while and add the vegetable stock. Stir it well while it melts and add the asparagus. Stir again and add the water. Add salt and pepper and let it boil in medium temperature until the asparagus gets soft. Let it cool off for a while and give your soup a velvety texture by using a blender. Pour the milk cream in your soup and let it boil for no more than 5 minutes. Ready to serve! 🙂


TIP: I added a sautéed smoked turkey topping to my bowl in my effort to make it a less healthy yet tastier dish and I made it! 😉 Alternatively you can use bacon, which I think will make it even more delicious. 😛



Denise 🙂

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