#40 Handmade wishes


Sometimes the simplest things in life can be the most precious ones as long as they are given with honesty and love… This card was sent the other day by me and my love to my father-in-law, whom I adore, as part of his birthday gift! 🙂 It was just enough for him to feel how much we love him…nothing more, nothing less. That’s life, that’s love… so simple!


A good reason to send a card (of vital importance!)

Card paper

Shaped craft scissors

Dot glue

Washi tape

Rubber stamps with vintage frame pattern

Various decorations (I used textile ribbon, lace ribbon and a snowflake gem – quite representative of Sweden)


Cut card paper with your craft scissors creating thus a pretty finish and a pattern which is in line with the concept of your project. Use preferably one more sheet of card paper (a bit larger than the first one) in order to create a harder surface for your project. Put them together by using dot glue. Create a frame on the larger paper by using washi tape and lace ribbon. Use your stamps and add a vintage touch to your card. With another pair of craft scissors cut a colored card paper in the shape of a cloud and write your wishes on it. Place it on the card by using washi tape. Decorate with items of your choice.



And here is the finished product…

What would your wishes be and to whom? 🙂 I covered ours with mosaic so that you get inspired and write your own words… 


TIP: Along with the card send loads of love… It will make it look even prettier! 😉


Denise 🙂

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