#35 Homemade jam made out of dried figs

One of the (few) pleasant things when someone is migrating to another country, is the huge number of parcels sent from the homeland. In this way I got like tons of delicious dried figs from my relatives and ended up filling up the half of my kitchen cupboard. Of course it would be impossible for me to eat them all up so I opted for making a yummy handmade jam out of them! 😛 It will surely take you a lot of time to make it but, trust me, it’s worth it! 😉


1kg of dried figs

1 ½ litre of water

½ kg of granulated sugar

Juice out of ½ lemon

DSC01098 eezpix


Trim the stalks of the figs, wash the figs with plenty of water and cut them in 2.

DSC01099 eezpix

Boil the figs in the water for about 45 minutes and add the sugar. Go on with the boiling at relatively low temperature and stir very well so that the mixture doesn’t stick to the saucepan. Boil until you can see bubbles popping out.

DSC01100 eezpix

Let it cool off for a while and put it in a blender so that it gets a nice velvety texture. Add the lemon juice and…there you go!! Your jam is now ready! 🙂

TIP: Before you put your jam into a jar, make sure that you sterilize it by boiling it in hot water for approximately half an hour. In this way you will prevent your jam from getting mould too soon. Enjoy!!

DSC01104 eezpix

Denise 🙂

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