#28 Industrialize it!

Photo credit: interiorholic

Rough and unfinished walls and floors can well be an essential part of a home’s decorative concept. However, the industrial style is more than that. Ceiling beams and pillars can be placed across the room in order to give the sense of a factory or a big warehouse.


Photo credit: rtisticcreations

Old metallic items such as vaults and sinks can also be used, repurposed and matched with modern steel furniture or even wooden surfaces, which can make your home feel much warmer.


Photo credit: interiorholic

Of course, you should be a bit careful not to overdo it as in the industrial home décor “less is more”.  Add some color in order to brighten up the rooms (check the best color matches here) and finish up your decorative project by picking either wood or stone for your floor. These earthy elements will create a warmer and cozier environment.

Photo credit: styleroundsups 

By no means should you forget to put extra emphasis on the lighting. You can choose from a wide range of industrial lamps (hanging, floor or table).

Photo credit: roseandgrey

Photo credit: twilightgray

Get inspired and create your own style!

Denise 🙂

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