Contest!!:Guess what I’m cooking and win a must-have cookbook signed by the famous Greek chef Vasilis Kallidis!

Happypeople Happyhomes is having its 1st CONTEST and I feel so thrilled!!

The winner gets an amazing cookbook written by Vasilis Kallidis, one of the most popular and talented Greek chefs, and titled “The modern Greek cuisine in 88 recipes”.The book got published a few months ago by Patakis Publications.

The only thing you have to do is answer to the following question by commenting on this post:


Of course the quantities needed for the recipe are way bigger. Here is just a sample of each of the recipe’s ingredients.

The book was signed by the chef himself and therefore has a special value. It was during one of my short trips to Greece when I got to meet him in an event and he was so kind as to talk with me for a while and ask me all about my blog and my fascination about food. 😛  However, I feel a bit sad as the book is written in Greek and therefore those of my blog-friends who don’t speak Greek will find it a bit difficult to read it and get inspired by all of these wonderful recipes, BUT… I promise that I will strike back with a special offer for ALL of you in less than 2 months’ time! 😉 Of course, if you still wish to get this great book you are more than welcome to take part in our happy contest and give it a shot! 🙂

Sunday 9th of December 2012 will be the last day of the contest. On the 10th of December the winner will be announced here on the blog.


Make your guess and get the chance to win this amazing book!

Each of you can provide only ONE and FULL answer!! I won’t answer to any “helping” questions. Otherwise it’s not fun…

Good luck!

Denise 🙂

6 thoughts on “Contest!!:Guess what I’m cooking and win a must-have cookbook signed by the famous Greek chef Vasilis Kallidis!

    • Well, it’s not a quiche lorraine (although it could be) BUT…
      since I notice that it turned out to be a bit difficult (and there’s no way each can give only one answer), I’ll give 2 hints!!
      1) The vegetable top right is… SPINACH!
      2) The dish I want to cook is NOT a pie!

      I hope that helps… 😛
      Keep guessing! There’s no problem if you answer more than once. 🙂


  1. We have a winner!! 🙂
    John and Elena are the happy readers who guessed right (on the blog and on our Facebook page respectively) and, after a draw was held, the WINNER is…

    Elena Stamatelou-Doucakis!!
    Congratulations!!! The book is yours! Happy cooking!! 🙂

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