#25 Breaded chicken fillets filled with smoked ham and grated cheese

This recipe is probably one of the yummiest ever! 😛 I totally love the way the kitchen smells while the chicken gets roasted, the crunchy taste of the breaded coat of the fillets and that chewy effect of the grated cheese afterwards… Oh my!


2 chicken breast fillets

4 slices of smoked ham

½ teacup of grated cheese

1 egg

1 tablespoon of mustard

3 slices of crispbread

15 cheese crackers




Cut the chicken fillets just like I did on this post. Pour some salt and pepper inside them. Take one slice of smoked ham, put some grated cheese on it and roll it carefully and tightly so that no cheese comes out. Do the same thing with the other fillet as well. Take a bowl, crack the egg, add the mustard and whisk really well. Take the chicken fillets and dip them into the egg mixture. Take a blender and cut the crackers and the crisp bread in fine pieces. Put the cracker mixture on a large plate like that.

 Take the chicken fillets and cover them with the cracker mixture. Put them in a baking pan and roast them for approximately 45 minutes at 180 degrees.

P.S.: As you might have noticed all the photos here had been taken before we roasted the fillets. The reason why I haven’t put any of the “after” pictures is that we were craving so much to taste the food that I TOTALLY forgot to take the pictures! 😛 

Good luck! 🙂



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