#24 Easy crocheted flower

Knitting and crocheting are both extremely creative processes and one can do numerous projects using these techniques either on terms of size or functionality. In this sense, it’s very interesting to see how these crafting techniques can be combined and give a little extra to your projects. Here is a tutorial on how you can create cute little flowers by crocheting and decorate a headband, a scarf, a bag and so on. There are many types of flowers one can crochet and if you do like this idea then I’ll be glad to show you some more in future posts! 🙂 That’s a really easy flower and it’s ideal for total beginners.


Cotton yarn (for 3mm sized needles)

A 4mm crochet hook

A pair of scissors


Work on 6 chain stitches and close the ring with a slip stitch. Work on 10 single crochets by passing the hook right through the ring. Chain 3, slip the first stitch and single-crochet into the next one. Repeat the same procedure until you get to the last stitch. Work on a slip-stitch through the last stitch. Create the petals of the flower by working 1 single crochet, 1 half-double crochet, 3 double crochets, 1 half-double crochet and 1 single crochet into  each of the chain spaces created in your previous round. That’s it!

TIP: Always count 1 stitch less than the desired number of the flower petals. For example, if you prefer creating an 8-petal flower, you should chain 7.

Good luck! 😉


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