#28 Industrialize it!

Photo credit: interiorholic Rough and unfinished walls and floors can well be an essential part of a home’s decorative concept. However, the industrial style is more than that. Ceiling beams and pillars can be placed across the room in order … Continue reading

Contest!!:Guess what I’m cooking and win a must-have cookbook signed by the famous Greek chef Vasilis Kallidis!

Happypeople Happyhomes is having its 1st CONTEST and I feel so thrilled!! The winner gets an amazing cookbook written by Vasilis Kallidis, one of the most popular and talented Greek chefs, and titled “The modern Greek cuisine in 88 recipes”.The … Continue reading

#25 Breaded chicken fillets filled with smoked ham and grated cheese

This recipe is probably one of the yummiest ever! 😛 I totally love the way the kitchen smells while the chicken gets roasted, the crunchy taste of the breaded coat of the fillets and that chewy effect of the grated … Continue reading