#22 Start repurposing your life by repurposing your stuff

Old chair turned into towel rack and bathroom shelf

Old, broken or simply useless stuff piling up and conquering the drawers, cupboards and shelves of your sweet little home…Decorative items and tools which you do not intend to use in any way but however you always end up keeping them just in case…Does that remind you of something? Well, it does remind to me though! 😛

So, if you’re too lazy or too sentimental to let go off your old stuff, then here’s a way for you to make the most out of them and reinvent your way of living. Recycling means also repurposing and that’s the aim of this post! 🙂 Although the list is endless, take a look at these ideas and you will definitely get inspired!

Old light bulbs turned into candles

Old mugs,bowls and bottles turned into design lamps

Fancy shelves made out of old books

Turn your old kitchen utensils into vintage wall hooks

Photo credit: twistedsifter


Happy repurposing!

Denise 🙂

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