#20 Creamy chicken bits with roasted red pepper and basmati rice

The weekend is nearly here and it’s time for you to invite your friends for a delicious home dinner! This dish is a wonderful combination of pure Mediterranean flavors and a distinct Indian aroma. This is one of the first recipes I ever cooked and is still one of my favorite! 😉


2 chicken breast fillets (cut in small pieces)

4 roasted red peppers (you can buy them in a jar preserved with vinegar and sugar)

½ dry onion

½ glass of white wine

1 pinch of dry basil

250ml of milk cream

Virgin olive oil




Take a saucepan, pour some olive oil and fry the onion for a while. Add the peppers and the basil. Keep the temperature high and stir well for approximately 7-8 minutes. Add the chicken and fry it for a while. Pour the white wine and wait until the most of it is evaporated (it is important that you keep cooking in high temperature). Add the milk cream, the salt and the pepper and stir well in medium temperature.

TIP: Serve ideally with basmati rice. Its amazing aroma matches perfectly this dish! 

Good luck,


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