#19 Garter-stitch infinity scarf made with flat knitting

…and, as of a sudden, autumn turned into winter!! I woke up this morning and saw a white blanket covering everything outside my house and so I realized that my instinct was, once more, right! It was just the other day that I finished knitting a wonderful warm infinity scarf in a light grey shade in order to match it with my new lovely coat! 🙂 The yarn I used is 100% made out of wool and is considered high-quality (25% Gotland wool which is very famous here in Sweden). I used only garter stitch throughout this project, so the rate of difficulty is ridiculously low! 😛 Do you like it? Let’s make your own one! 🙂



200g of yarn (mine had an indication for 12cm-wide needles)

A pair of 10cm-wide needles

A pair of scissors

A big sewing needle


Cast on 23 stitches. Knit ALL stitches in EVERY row until there are only about 50cm of yarn left. Bind off and use the remaining yarn to sew the ends together, so that your flat scarf turns into an infinity scarf. DONE!


TIP 1: In this project I used a pair of regular needles. If I were to use circular needles instead, I would, first of all, cast on many more stitches. The stitches that I would cast on would give me the desired circumference of my infinity scarf. Moreover, I would knit the 1st row, purl the 2nd row and repeat the same steps till the end of my project.

TIP 2: Pure wool yarn can be itchy and a bit scratchy when it touches your neck (at least I am quite sensitive regarding this). Therefore, it would be a good idea for you to opt for a type of wool which is softer than the average. You can, of course, use acrylic yarn (i.e. one which is made out of synthetic fibers), but you will then have a major problem with static electricity on your hair! You definitely don’t want that to happen! 😛

I would love to see your projects!

Happy knitting!


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