#17 Washi tape craziness! Want to join?

Image source: ihanna 

Who doesn’t love color? Washi tape, for those who are not familiar with it, is Japanese masking tape which can be found in a HUGE range of colors and patterns both in craft and hobby shops and online (of course!). It has grown into one of the biggest trends in crafting and decorating mostly because it adds a special character to our projects as well as seems to have endless applications… Some exaggerate a little bit and end up covering whole bicycles, cars and walls… Of course, on the other hand, imagination and creativity knows no limits but, at least, I wouldn’t have the patience or the ambition to take over such big projects! 🙂

I personally love washi tape and I thought that I should share with you a little inspiration on how you too can make simple and beautiful DIY projects with this piece of magic!

To start with, you can easily decorate your glass candle holders.

Image source: aprilfosterevents

Personalize your chopsticks with cute and happy bits of washi tape!

Image source: bywilma

Do you have a ceiling fan? Take a look at this amazing idea! 

Image source: inmyownstyle

Get more organized by tagging your cables!

Image source: landeeseelandeedo

Colorize your window blinds!

Image source: shelterness

Decorate your cupcakes with beautiful small flags made out of washi tape and toothpicks!

Image source: thenaturalweddingcompany

Transform an ordinary notebook into a fancy one

Image source: u-createcrafts

Do your own gift wrap! Your loved ones will definitely appreciate it 🙂

Image source: poppytalk

Tired of all those identical binder clips? Here’s a way to make them look cuter!


Image source: artsyville

The list is endless! Be wild and creative! Even if you change your mind, washi tape can be easily removed without harming the surfaces which are covered. Of course, as time passes by, it’s getting stiffer and, consequently, it gets harder for you to take it off. 

Do YOU have any washi tape decorating tips? Share them here! 😉

Happy crafting & have a great colorful weekend!


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