#16 Mushroom pie

How about an easy delicious mushroom pie? Improvisation is definitely my thing and it seems that once more my culinary experimentation went pretty well!! 🙂 Well, actually it turned out to be a huge success but I’m just pretending to be shy and modest… 😛 So? If you like how it looks like then you should try it…


For the dough:

300g of all-purpose flour (make sure you have more flour in stock)

150g of butter

Cold water

For the filling:

200g of fresh mushrooms (cut in small pieces)

500g of cream cheese

2 dry onions

10 slices of smoked turkey

Virgin olive oil


Take a big bowl, pour the flour and add the butter. Stir really well, until you end up with small bits of the mixture. Add the cold water and keep on pouring until you get dough. If it feels like mud you can add some more flour (you need to end up with elastic yet non-sticky dough). Remember to cover the bowl with plastic foil so that no air gets in and leave the dough in there for about 30 minutes.

Take a saucepan, pour some oil and fry the onions for a while. Add the turkey slices and the mushrooms and continue frying them. Add the cream cheese and make sure that it melts while stirring really well.

Take a baking pan and spread its bottom and sides with some olive oil. Place the dough in there and cover the bottom. Take a fork and press its teeth a little bit on various spots of the dough so that you prevent your dough from billowing while baked (that’s a good tip also mentioned here).

Put the mushroom mixture on top and bake the pie for about 35 minutes (check regularly) at 180 degrees.


TIP: If you do it in the “greek way” and use puff pastry instead of dough, then do it like this: Place one piece at the bottom (don’t forget the forking!), put the filling and cover up with the second piece of puff pastry. In this case you shall bake it for 1 hour.

Good luck!

Denise 🙂

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