#22 Start repurposing your life by repurposing your stuff

Old, broken or simply useless stuff piling up and conquering the drawers, cupboards and shelves of your sweet little home…Decorative items and tools which you do not intend to use in any way but however you always end up keeping … Continue reading

#20 Creamy chicken bits with roasted red pepper and basmati rice

The weekend is nearly here and it’s time for you to invite your friends for a delicious home dinner! This dish is a wonderful combination of pure Mediterranean flavors and a distinct Indian aroma. This is one of the first … Continue reading

#19 Garter-stitch infinity scarf made with flat knitting

…and, as of a sudden, autumn turned into winter!! I woke up this morning and saw a white blanket covering everything outside my house and so I realized that my instinct was, once more, right! It was just the other … Continue reading