#15 The best cheesecake recipe ever! You pick the jam…

Oh yes! Now it’s time for me to share with you one of my biggest cooking secrets… My famous specialty is now posted on Happypeople Happyhomes! 🙂 I started making this cheesecake 2 years ago and it turned out to be a huge success! My ex-classmates in Umeå know what I’m talking about… 😛 Are you ready? Get set…GO!


250g Digestive biscuits

125g of butter (melted)

600g cream cheese (ideally mascarpone)

60g of powder sugar

200ml of milk cream (around 35% fat)

Jam of your choice


Cut the biscuits in tiny pieces with the help of a blender. Put them in a bowl and pour the butter. Slowly stir up the mixture until it becomes as one. Spread the mixture at the bottom of a springform round baking tin (20cm diameter) and bake it in an already warm oven at 180 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. Take it out and let it cool.


Now take another bowl, pour the cream cheese and the powder sugar, stir a little bit (not too much!) and add the milk cream. Stir the mixture well and spread it on the biscuit basis.

Put the baking tin in the fridge for approximately 1 hour. The last step will be to spread your favorite jam on the top of it and let it cool in the fridge for 1 more hour (so that it looks nice when you remove the ring).

TIP: I personally love strawberry and blueberry jam when it comes to cheesecakes! However, keep note that the sweeter the jam, the less powder sugar you should put in the cream of your cheesecake. There has to be a subtle balance between the topping and the cream! 😉 Here I opted for strawberry jam. 😛

This recipe belongs to Stelios Parliaros, Greece’s most famous pastry chef! 😉

Hope you enjoy it!

Good luck!


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