#13 Greek tenderloin filled with herbs and cheese

Here’s a dish ideal for family gatherings! The aromas of all those herbs, the delicate flavor of retsina wine and the delicious chewy greek gruyere will blow your mind!

WHAT YOU NEED: (4 portions)

1 tenderloin

1 garlic clove

½ teacup of thyme

1 teacup of oregan

½ teacup of grated cheese (ideally greek gruyere)

1 teacup of water

½ teacup of retsina (greek white wine)

1 teaspoon of corn flour (if not available, you can use all-purpose flour instead)



Virgin olive oil


Mash the garlic, the oregan, the thyme and the cheese. Cut along the tenderloin, pour salt and pepper both inside and outside and fill it with the mixture. Like that…

Take aluminum foil and wrap it like a candy. Take a baking pan, pour the water and retsina. Place the wrapped tenderloin in the baking pan and roast for approximately 35 minutes in 200 degrees.

Mix the corn flour with 1 tablespoon of water and stir really well (you will get a better result if you first sift the corn flour). Take the tenderloin out of the baking pan and pour the pan’s content (meaning what is left of the water and retsina) into a saucepan. Open the foil and pour the juice of the tenderloin into the saucepan. Add the corn flour mixture and boil slowly while stirring. Stir until you get a nice velvety sauce and… that’s it!!


TIP: You can cut the tenderloin as I did and serve with either rice or mashed potatoes. Personally I prefer mashed potatoes flavored with a bit of nutmeg. It’s truly amazing!

Good luck!


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