#10 Chalkboard inspiration: Going back to school

Photo credit: Shannon’s Well

Sometimes going back to school is not necessarily a bad thing… there you can find inspiration and creativity. Even better you can get new ideas on how to decorate your home and (why not) make friends with Mr Blackboard. Using chalkboards in our interiors is definitely not a new thing…BUT restless people constantly come up with new ideas on chalkboard projects!

Of course, you can always buy a chalkboard of a desirable size and simply hang it on the wall, so that you can start writing on it  and use it as a memo…or even sketch something (provided you are talented enough!) and have it hanging like a beautifully framed painting. However, there are soooo many more ways of you to integrate blackboard concept into your decoration. A good way for you to get started is to visit your nearest hardware store and buy blackboard paint. This can be used on various surfaces, as for instance walls, wood, even refrigerators (for the bold ones)! Just keep in mind that shiny metal surfaces should be sanded a little bit before the paint is applied. Moreover, most of the times you should prepare the surface (regardless of the material it is made of) with some sort of primer.

TIP: By no means should you start before you frame with painter’s tape. A lot of mess will be avoided this way! 😉

So… do you want to get inspired? Here we go then! 

Photo credit: Sweet Home Style 

Photo credit: Anthropologie

Photo credit: Zuniga Interiors

Photo credit: Design Sponge

Photo credit: Project Nursery

Photo credit: Design Sponge

Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes 

Can you come up with more chalkboard ideas?

Only you can set limits to your imagination…!

Denise 🙂

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