#8 Scrapbooking: Keep your memories safe within a small piece of art (Part 2/2)

Those of you who have already taken a look at the previous post know that scrapbooking is a kind of art which offers a lot of freedom either in terms of the material used or the processes followed. You can start by simply sticking and pouring some glitter, but there are also many tools out there (stamps, punches etc.) which can help you create a more sophisticated project.

One way or another the most essential part of a successful project is LOVE! Yup! This strong drive which makes you take the time and create something of your own for someone you love. That was actually how I started getting involved with scrapbooking and knitting as well (stay tuned for some really “cool” knitting projects later on). Well, I became an aunt for the very first time in my life and I was crazy happy!! So, I decided to create a little handmade gift (along with all my other presents) for her grandparents! It’s a well-known fact that especially people older than us don’t feel so thankful to digital photography and wish they could still print out their photos and have a little look at them from time to time. Therefore, I thought it would be nice for them to have a cute little photo album made especially for this cute little baby!

Wanna take a look?

This is some of the decorative material I used. Ribbons, textiled hearts, wooden details, pearls, buttons and other girlie stuff… It just couldn’t be otherwise… 🙂

Well, there is also some totally irrelevant stuff lying all around but just act as you don’t see…

Here is a decorative thick paper with glittered hearts on it. 

And here is the project finished!

Hope you liked it and helped you get some inspiration for your projects too.

Let me know of what you think and (why not) share your own creations! 🙂

Take care,


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