#15 The best cheesecake recipe ever! You pick the jam…

Oh yes! Now it’s time for me to share with you one of my biggest cooking secrets… My famous specialty is now posted on Happypeople Happyhomes! 🙂 I started making this cheesecake 2 years ago and it turned out to … Continue reading

#13 Greek tenderloin filled with herbs and cheese

Here’s a dish ideal for family gatherings! The aromas of all those herbs, the delicate flavor of retsina wine and the delicious chewy greek gruyere will blow your mind! WHAT YOU NEED: (4 portions) 1 tenderloin 1 garlic clove ½ … Continue reading

#11 Make your home smell heavenly with simmering potpourri

Have you cooked fish today? Do you have a pet inside your home? Would you like to prepare dinner at home and make it smell inviting and cozy? Well, in this post you will find what you need! Note that … Continue reading

#10 Chalkboard inspiration: Going back to school

Photo credit: Shannon’s Well Sometimes going back to school is not necessarily a bad thing… there you can find inspiration and creativity. Even better you can get new ideas on how to decorate your home and (why not) make friends … Continue reading

#9 Spaghetti tricolore with the easiest tomato sauce ever

Inspired by some authentic Italian spaghetti I had in my kitchen I decided to go for a simple and quick (yet really tasty!) dish of red-sauce pasta. Since the spaghetti are already flavored with tomato and spinach, I opted for … Continue reading

#8 Scrapbooking: Keep your memories safe within a small piece of art (Part 2/2)

Those of you who have already taken a look at the previous post know that scrapbooking is a kind of art which offers a lot of freedom either in terms of the material used or the processes followed. You can … Continue reading

#7 Scrapbooking: Keep your memories safe within a small piece of art (Part 1/2)

This crafting technique is ideal when transforming regular items into artistic personalized gifts. I got acquainted with scrapbooking a few months ago and it made me realize how much I had missed my childhood projects during the crafting classes back … Continue reading