#4 Colors and Decoration Part 2/3: Warm and cool matches

Have you seen this color wheel before? It’s the compass which helps us navigate within the labyrinth of decoration when it comes to color matching. With this valuable tool we are able to make playful, and at the same time safe, color combinations apart from choosing the usual black-white contrast. So, how can this circle be used?

By taking a closer look we can see the four primary colors: red, yellow, green and blue. In between, one can see different hues which are created by the combination of these colors moving from warmer to cooler tones and vice versa. Therefore, one can play with neighboring hues of the warm zone in order to create a cozy feeling or choose the cool tones instead. Another option is that of experimenting at the borders of each zone. Yes, that’s right! For example, imagine combining the smooth cool green near bottom with that sweet warm orange towards the top (check the color wheel below). Nice, huh?


Restrict yourself to only one third of the circle. More than that is simply confusing.

2 thoughts on “#4 Colors and Decoration Part 2/3: Warm and cool matches

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