#3 Colors and Decoration Part 1/3: Neutrals

Is it difficult for you to find the right color for your walls? Maybe you just don’t have much time and energy to put on thinking and, therefore, most of the times you end up choosing white. Of course, white does seem to be the safest choice as it suits to everything, it doesn’t create big contrasts to other colors and, in this way, it can’t be considered as “wrong” in any case. However, it’s definitely not a cozy color and it also doesn’t help the rest of the colors bring out all of their power. So, what should one opt for instead? Neutral colors, such as grey tones, either warm or cool, bring balance to your home and help furniture and other decorative items emerge from the background in a very harmonious way. The feeling created by this match is soft and the result is “comfortable” to the eye but, in the same time, very interesting and in no case boring. In addition, just as with white, it is very easy for you to change the whole decoration-concept of the room by simply replacing some items with others.


Choose a warm gray, a cool gray or a gray-brown color as the basis of your home and add one or two contrasting colors. Details such as pillows and throws can well be colorful. What is amazing with the neutral basis is that it brings harmoniously together both intense basic colors and soft pastels. It’s almost impossible to fail!

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